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Planning & Building

May is

Building Safety Month 

across Ontario

Building Controls

NEMI’s Building Controls Department is available to advise you on what’s required to comply with the Ontario Building Code and local zoning rules. NEMI’s Chief Building Official Rick Armstrong can be reached at (705) 368-3500 ext. 227 or by email at

Please click HERE for Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish (pdf)
Please click HERE to access the form for Authorization of Owner for Applicant/Agent to make an Application for Construction or Demolish. 

Building Permit Fees
New Buildings $12/$1,000 (Minimum $1,200.00)
Additional & Structural Renovations $12/$1,000 (Minimum of $400.00)
Building Permit Renewals $100.00
Demolition/Moving Permit $50.00
Accessory Building $12/$1,000 (Minimum of $300)
Residential Garage $12/$1,000 (Minimum of $400)
Industrial / Commercial Construction $14/$1,000 (Minimum of $1,500

Wind Turbine > 3kW only $3,000/turbine
Concrete Bases $400
(Supporting solar panels in excess of 10m2)
Residential decks $12/$1,000 (Minimum of $100)

Request for Inspection  $100 

Work without a permit:  Double the calculated permit fee

Please click HERE to access Schedule B of Building By-Law 2023-10 as Amended April 20, 2023: Calculation of Estimated Values of Building Permits

Please click HERE to access By-Law 2017- 10: Planning Rates (Amended March 2023)

Please click HERE to access the Application Form for Title Validation. 

Please click HERE to access the Deeming By-Law Application.