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Winter Activities

Looking for some fun activities to beat Winter Boredom?
Visit this page each day for new activities and fun ways to get out and stay active during the 
Winter Season!

Click on the link or the photo below for instructions on how to complete the daily activities. 

Monday, January 10th: Make a Simple Bird Feeder 

Tuesday, January 11th: Watch a Manitoulin Sunset!

Wednesday, January 12th: Bundle up and enjoy a walk in the great outdoors today!!
Thursday, January 13th: Connect with a friend or family member today! Write a letter, send a card, text, email or call.

Friday, January 14th: Happy Friday! Dust off the board games and have a Game Night! 

Saturday, January 15th: Enjoy the weekend and build your own DIY Fort!! Visit the links below to learn how to make some awesome fort ideas. 

Sunday, January 16th: Why not head outdoors and make a snow angel! 

Monday, January 17th: Start your week off by making recycled crafts and art from common items found around your house. Visit the links below to find neat ideas for both kids and adults!

Tuesday, January 18th: Laughter really can be the best medicine. Make someone laugh today!! Share a funny story or joke. Visit the link below to see some funny, family-friendly jokes. 

Wednesday, January 19th: Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate today! Click on the links below for recipes for fancy hot chocolate recipes.