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Winter Activities

Looking for some fun activities to beat Winter Boredom?
Visit this page each day for new activities and fun ways to get out and stay active during the 
Winter Season!

Click on the link or the photo below for instructions on how to complete the daily activities. 

Monday, January 10thMake a Simple Bird Feeder 

Tuesday, January 11thWatch a Manitoulin Sunset!

Wednesday, January 12th: Bundle up and enjoy a walk in the great outdoors today!!
Thursday, January 13th: Connect with a friend or family member today! Write a letter, send a card, text, email or call.

Friday, January 14th: Happy Friday! Dust off the board games and have a Game Night! 

Saturday, January 15th: Enjoy the weekend and build your own DIY Fort!! Visit the links below to learn how to make some awesome fort ideas. 

Sunday, January 16th: Why not head outdoors and make a snow angel! 

Monday, January 17th: Start your week off by making recycled crafts and art from common items found around your house. Visit the links below to find neat ideas for both kids and adults!

Tuesday, January 18th: Laughter really can be the best medicine. Make someone laugh today!! Share a funny story or joke. Visit the link below to see some funny, family-friendly jokes. 

Wednesday, January 19th: Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate today! Click on the links below for recipes for fancy hot chocolate recipes.  

Thursday, January 20th:Today's activity encourages you to show some kindness by doing a good deed for someone! It could be a family member, a friend, a neighbor or someone you don't know. Whatever you do today, choose kindness!

 Friday, January 21st: Try a fun winter craft and make a snow globe! Click on the link below for instructions on how to make your very own!  Click on the link below to learn how!, January 22:The activity for today is to try and make Ice Ornaments! These are simple but pretty ornaments that are made of ice and other found items in nature that hang outdoors.  A great activity for all ages! 

Click on the links below to learn how. 

Sunday, January 23: Try out these fun winter science experiments!  Click on the links below to learn more. 

Monday, January 24: Challenge your family member to a game of X's and O's!! 
Tuesday, January 25: Want to try a fun craft? Make Snow Dough!  It's simple and easy and can provide lots of fun for all ages! Click on the links below for the recipes. 

Wednesday, January 26: On this chilly day, try your hand at writing your own poem. For tips and tricks, visit the links below. 

Thursday, January 27: Today's a great day to get outside and try snow painting!  Visit the links below for the recipe on how to make snow paint. 

Friday, January 28th: Friday's Fun Challenge is to learn how to play a new game of cards!!  Cards can be a great past time and you can play cards by yourself, in partners or as a family group! Click on the links below to discover new card games you can play! 

Saturday, January 28th: Beat the winter blues and cold temperatures by having an Indoor Picnic!! 

Sunday, January 29th: Try and get outdoors today and enjoy all winter has to offer!!

Make a snow sculpture and enter the Island-Wide Snow Sculpture Challenge. Or take part in the EarlyOn Child and Family Center's Snow Angel Weekly Challenge or their Scavenger Hunt!

You can always enjoy a skate at the Outdoor Rink (on the Tennis Courts) beside the NEMI Recreation Center.

Visit our Facebook Page for more information on these fun activities!

Monday, January 31For today's activity, complete a puzzle! If you don't have a puzzle at home, you can easily make your own. To make your own: Draw or color a picture, cut up your picture into pieces and than try and put it back together! 
You can also visit the link below for a variety of puzzle templates. 

Tuesday, February 1: In preparation for Groundhog Day tomorrow, why not try and make a groundhog themed treat! 

Visit the links below for some fun, groundhog themed recipes!

Wednesday, February 2: Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!! Visit the links below to learn cool facts about groundhogs and complete fun activities. 

Thursday, February 3:Today's activity is try Snowflake Painting with Salt.  This a is a great activity for kids and families that enjoy art and science experiments! Visit the link below for instructions and supplies. 

Friday, February 4: Happy Friday! To celebrate, have a family movie night. Don't forget the popcorn!

Saturday, February 5: Today's activity is to make Paper Snowflakes!!Click on the links below for tutorials and instructions. 

Sunday, February 6: Step outdoors today and go for a sleigh/toboggan ride!!  


Monday, February 7:Today is National Fettucine Day!! Click on the links below to try some different fettucine recipes!! 


Tuesday, February 8: Curl up, stay home and read a book. 

Looking for something new to read? Visit the NEMI Public Library. 

Library hours are: 
Sundays & Mondays: CLOSED
Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 10am-5pm
Thursdays: 10am-7pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 10am-5pm
Wednesday, February 9: Today's Activity: Learn how to make Paper Flowers. 

Visit the links below for a tutorial. Feel free to tag us (@townofnemi) in your photos of your creations! 

Thursday, February 10: In honor of Valentine's Day coming up, why not try and make some heart cookies today! 

Click on the links below for some yummy recipes. 

Friday, February 11: With Valentine's Day next week, why not try making your own Valentine's cards today. 

Click on the links below for some ideas and inspiration. 

Saturday, February 12: Looking for something fun to do? Have a campout in your living room! Gather the cushions and blankets, make a blanket fort or pitch a tent!  

Sunday, February 13: Enjoy doing some Valentine's Day activities and crafts today! Click on the links below for instructions and projects. 

Valentine's Crafts for Adults:

Valentine's Day Games

February 14: Make sure to take time today to do something just for you!! Do something that makes you happy and brings you joy!

February 15: Today's Activity: Learn how to make paper airplanes. Follow the instructions below to learn how to make some super cool paper airplanes.

Wednesday, February 16: Did you know that you can access some amazing places virtually! Visit the links below to take an online tour and discover of many of Ontario and Canada's many attractions. 

There are so many virtual tours available on the web, you never know where you will be able to visit from the comfort of your couch!

Thursday, February 17: Make a meal together today as a family! Comment or tag us on our Facebook or Instagram page, to share with us what you made!
Friday, February 18: Today's Activity: Make a time capsule. 

Collect and gather items you would like to remember for the future, such as photos, letters, newspapers, awards, etc.. 

Choose a container to place your items in and make sure to properly seal it. Pick a date and write it on the front of the time capsule for when you will open it. 

Store it away for the future!
 Tuesday, February 22: For today's activity, we challenge you to make a list of 5 things you are grateful/thankful for!  
Wednesday, February 24: Today's Activity challenges you to complete a crossword puzzle! You can find one you like online or visit the links below for crossword puzzles. 

Crosswords for Adults

Crosswords for Kids

Friday, February 25: Get creative and build a tower from items around your home! Building materials could be blocks, toys, books or anything- use your imagination.

Saturday, February 26: Whatever you choose to do this weekend, enjoy!

Sunday, February 27: Get outdoors and get moving! Go for a walk, enjoy a skate on the NEMI outdoor rink, or have fun on some of our local trails!

Monday, February 28: Another great past time in the winter is birdwatching! This can be done from the comfort of your home or by heading outdoors. 

Visit the  links below to help you identify the different species.